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Tò he - trò chơi dân gian hấp dẫn
Nón làng Chuông - món quà văn hóa độc đáo
Khu du lịch suối nước Moọc - điểm đến mới ở Quảng Bình
Chợ nổi Trà Ôn - nét đẹp giao thương vùng sông nước
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Hotels in Nha Trang
Khanh Hoa Province is a coastal province of South Central Vietnam. To the north, it borders on Phu Yen Province, to the west, on Dak Lak and Lam Dong provinces, and to the south, on Ninh Thuan Province. The Khanh Hoa coast is 200km long, with more than 200 islands offshore, of which Truong Sa District gathers over one hundred islands around. With ragged seashore spreading out around 200km long, Khanh Hoa contains various well-known bays, such as Cam Ranh, Van Phong and Nha Trang.
Cam Ranh Bay is considered as one of three harbors that have the best natural conditions over the world. Having the area of over 60 square kilometers and the 18-20m average depth, this bay is out of the wind as a result of being surrounded by many mountain ranges. Van Phong Bay has a wonderful nature, temperate climate, idyllic beach with mostly fine sand, surrounded by hills, mountains and tropical forests, colorful coral reefs, several vestige of salt-watered forest, specific and valuable sea creatures, which is endowed with an ideal environment. These are great potentials for the development of ecological tourism in Van Phong.
5-star Hotels
  • Rates from    287 USD
  • Rates from    201 USD
  • Rates from    670 USD
  • Rates from    130 USD
  • Rates from    209 USD
4-star Hotels
  • Rates from     56 USD
  • Rates from     104 USD
  • Rates from     68 USD
  • Rates from     65 USD
  • Rates from   130 USD
  • Rates from     53 USD
  • Rates from     89 USD
3-star Hotels
  • Rates from     35 USD
  • Rates from     43 USD
  • Rates from          Call
  • Rates from     44 USD
  • Rates from          Call
  • Rates from          Call
  • Rates from          Call
  • Rates from          Call
  • Rates from          Call
2-star Hotels
  • Rates from     26 USD
  • Rates from          Call
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