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Yen Tu, an ancient Buddhist center
Discover the mountainous village Don
Phu Quoc sunny paradise of the East sea
Bach Ma - Vietnamese National Forest
Travel information
Halong Bay to get aired on CNN for second time
Vietnam’s famous destination Halong Bay will enjoy widespread publicity on the international TV channel Cable News Network, or CNN, under a deal to promote Vietnam’s tourism likely to be signed in next September, a tourism official said.
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Vietnam in brief
Located in the centre of Southeast Asia Vietnam is on the Pacific Rim and shares borders with China in the North Laos and Cambodia in the West. The country is naturally divided into three regions with different geographical and climatic conditions...
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Nha Nhac - Vietnamese Court Music
An invaluable national musical form nearly consigned to oblivion only half a century ago is now the talk of Viet Nam after UNESCO recognized nha nhac (ritual music) as one of humanity’s "intangible oral masterpieces" in early November...
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Pho - A part of Hanoi's heritages
Hanoi, Vietnam's ancient capital, is known for its quiet lakes, its long established arts scene and its beloved noodle soup, pho. Young and old, rich and poor, artists, office workers and laborers - everyone eats pho. This tasty soup is part of the city's heritage...
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The ceramic village of Bat Trang
Bat Trang is a village in North Vietnam about 13 kilometers south east of Hanoi, on the Red river. It has been famous for its ceramics for a thousand years, particularly dinnerware and ornamental ware...
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Vong village's "Cốm"
One example of Hanoi foodstuffs is "Cốm" green sticky rice that originated in an area to the west of Hanoi. And the most famous com hails from Vong village, which lies in the Tu Liem District...
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Human chess
During new-year holidays or festivals, people in the countryside take interests in playing human chess. It’s only different in chess-board and chess pieces; the ways to play the game remain the same...
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Vietnam opens second int'l kite fest
FANSIPAN EXPLORING ITINERARY 2009 – A new activity of ‘’Back to Origin’’ Programme
Hanoi heralds national tourism event
National tourism year 2010 to be kich off in october
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