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Yen Tu, an ancient Buddhist center
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Bach Ma - Vietnamese National Forest
Hotels in Hue
About 660 km from Hanoi Capital and 1080 km from Saigon, 55 minutes by plane, 120 km far from Danang, 3 hours by car.
Hue is located in Thua Thien province and is in the central part of Vietnam. The province lies on the tropical climate with strong monsoon influence. Climatic conditions changes distinctively according to the four seasons in the year. It is warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and cold in winter. Average temperature in the year is 25o C. The most ideal season for travelling is from November to April. The rainy season begins in September and lasts till November.
Although Hue has sustained much damage from natural disasters and wars, the city and most of the architecture remain and has been recognised by Unesco as a Cultural World Heritage Site. As a ancient capital city, Hue is relatively young since the Nguyen dynasty only ended some 50 years ago (1802-1945). Of the ancient capitals in Vietnam, Hue is the only one that still has the intact appearance of a complex of the monarchic capital consisting of walls, palaces, and royal tombs. Consequently, Hue is among Vietnam's most valued national treasure in terms of history and heritage.
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