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Yen Tu, an ancient Buddhist center
Discover the mountainous village Don
Phu Quoc sunny paradise of the East sea
Bach Ma - Vietnamese National Forest
Phu Quoc sunny paradise of the East sea

Phu Quoc is an island to be a sunny paradise of less than 600km2 with breath-taking views of beaches. 99 mount-peaks hide themselves in forests of precious wood, rare animals and flowers. Waterfalls that are soft as silk, pouring into the winding river around beautiful villages then to the sea crowded with fishing boats.


Located in Thailand gulf, and at about 120km from Rach Gia town, 46km from Ha Tien (Kien Giang province), Phu Quoc is gifted in untapped natural beauty, very convenient for international gateways, communication and the island is the focus of Viet Nam’s most beautiful landscapes. The beach is 150km long with fine sand beaches, clean and washed by the sea. Most famous are beaches: Sao, Kham and Truong…


In the greenery of the virginal forest rich in fauna and flora are 99 mountain-peaks, highest is Nui Chua (565m high), then Ong Thay or Da Bac peaks. The diversity in geology helps to sources numerous streams of waterfalls such as streams Tranh, Da Ban, Tien and waterfall Da Tranh...


No so far from Phu Quoc are groups of islands: An Thoi, Hai Tac, Tho Chu and 36 smaller islands, coral reefs that make the region more attractive.


Not only the famous for natural beauties, Phu Quoc is rich in historic and cultural relics: military zone Nguyen Trung Truc, Gia Long well, stone Ngai Vua (throne), tomb of prince Canh, foot-prints of king Gia Long, cape Doi, palace Cau, pagoda Muon…The locals have many traditional festivals: water gamins Thuy Long Thanh Mau, worship of Ca Ong whales, or communal house An Thoi…Particularly, festival in communal house Than Duong Dong is said to be the locals’ most important holidays.


Unforgettable memories in Phu Quoc are black pepper, fish sauce owned fresh seafood, some fish weigh even dozen kilos that you catch and cook by yourself.

Naturally favored, Phu Quoc can satisfy all visitors’ demands: relaxation, games and sports in the sea: diving, fishing…or go on field trips to tropical forests, organize conventions.

Phu Quoc is an attractive destination for domestically and worldwide. 

(Source: TCDL)

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